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Dating can make you feel a lot of different emotions. Uncertain, vulnerable, frustrated. At this point, you realized that finding your person requires resilience, patience and hard work, especially if you are stuck in the never-ending phase of the talking stage or constantly worried about the perfect image that you have to show for someone to like you.


I’m Alisia, an experienced psychologist, specializing in couples therapy. I had the opportunity to work and guide people towards a better and deeper relationship with themselves and with others through individualized plans, while promoting authenticity and self-love.

Coach Alisia

Your Trusted Dating Coach and Relationship Expert



With a background in therapy, my life path has allowed me to connect with a variety of people, helping them build a more meaningful relationship.


My coaching approach is based on each person's needs and goals, creating a safe and non-judgmental space for them. I am a firm believer that a healthy relationship starts within your personal inner world and reflects it on the outside. We will dive into your past experiences, exploring how they made an impact on your current life and how we can change that. 

I work collaboratively with my clients to establish their needs and goals, strengthen their assets, accept and change their weaknesses and most importantly, overcome any obstacles that they have in their dating journey.


Having worked as a psychologist for years, I provided counseling for numerous individuals and couples. Graduated from University of West, Romania, I learned various techniques that can help a person achieve their goals.


why Coach Alisia

Expertise and Versatility

With a vast background in psychology and couples therapy, we can design together an individualized plan to help you explore your relationships differently. Guiding you through dating, building self-esteem, communication, exploring your sexuality and build a more meaningful relationship. 

Empathy and Compassion

I’m an active listener and will create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, at your own pace while also helping each client gain insight into their own behaviors and thought patterns.

Collaborator and Flexible

Every individual is unique, so every plan is made after each person’s needs and goals, adapting each technique to meet the clients personal needs in their dating journey.

Embracing the rollercoaster of emotions that dating brings is a testament to your journey in self-discovery and connection. In the realm of uncertainties and vulnerabilities, remember that resilience, patience, and hard work pave the path to finding your person.

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