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As a dating and relationship coach, I’m passionate about helping people find the right match and assisting them in navigating the dating/online dating process and beyond. I love working with people of all ages – from young twenty somethings to older people who might just be re-entering the dating scene after a long-term relationship or marriage. I help people get clear about the kind of person they are looking for and give them the right tools to find them. I point out things in profiles that you might not see and help you through the entire dating and relationship process.

Coach Carol

Your Trusted Dating Coach and Relationship Expert



I am a dating/relationship coach, professor, author, speaker, and TV personality. I have a Ph.D. in Interpersonal and Gender Communication from the University of Nebraska and many years of experience coaching people through the dating process. I am the author of several best-selling books about dating and relationships. I am also a regular expert on the Living Dayton TV show and have appeared on national news programs giving advice about dating during the pandemic. 

On the personal side, I went through a divorce, was a single mom, and met my current husband via online dating. So, not only do I know how to guide you through your dating process from a professional perspective, but I also have personal experience with it too. If I can find “The One,” I can help you find yours too!


Throughout my many years of coaching, I have come to the realization that most people don’t know what kind of person they should be looking for. I also help people raise their self-esteem and get into the right “dating frame of mind.” Once I get to know you and help you get clear on what you want out of a partner, I can help you write your online dating profile and assist with interpreting potential dates’ profiles too. There are some red flags that people miss, and so I serve as your guide and help you throughout the dating process - and even after you get into a relationship, if you desire.


I have been a dating and relationship coach since 2012, but I have been a gender & interpersonal communication professor for even longer. I have taught thousands of people how to have better relationships via teaching, coaching, articles, books, workshops, video classes, and appearing on television and radio shows throughout the years.


why Coach Carol

Professional and Personal Experience

I have a Ph.D. in gender & interpersonal communication and have been helping people through the dating and online dating process since 2012. I also was successful in finding my own husband via online dating, so I know how to help you too.

Connect with People of Every Age and Diversity

I relate well to any kind of person. Whether you are young, retired, or somewhere in between, I can help you. I love working with everyone and appreciate diversity.

Effective Help in finding Long-Lasting

I don’t just help you find a few dates, I can help you find a long-lasting, healthy relationship. I know the process that you need to go through and how to point you toward people who would be a good match for you.

Unlock the potential for love in every chapter of your life. As your dedicated dating and relationship coach, my passion is your journey. From crafting a crystal-clear vision of your ideal partner to navigating the intricacies of dating and online connections, I'm here to be your guide. No matter your age or the stage of love you find yourself in, let's embark on this adventure together.

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