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I am Maria Mir, a professional dating coach with a passion for helping individuals transform their love lives. My background in counseling and sexology equips me with the knowledge and expertise to guide my clients towards meaningful connections and fulfilling relationships.

Coach Maria

Your Trusted Dating Coach and Relationship Expert


Originally from Argentina and currently based in the enchanting Costa Rica, I have embarked on a journey around the world, gaining invaluable insights into diverse cultures and relationships


My coaching approach is centered on understanding the individual needs and desires of each client. I delve deep into their personal histories, exploring past experiences that may be influencing their present situations. We work together to set clear boundaries and non-negotiables, allowing clients to establish healthier relationships. Topics such as personal preferences and sexuality are openly discussed, fostering higher consciousness about obstacles and needs.


To help clients improve their self-confidence in dating scenarios, I employ various techniques:

  • Visualization Exercises: These exercises help clients mentally prepare for dating situations, boosting their confidence and self-assuredness.

  • Rehearsal: Practicing interactions and scenarios with clients enhances their communication skills and self-assurance.

  • Exploring Fears: Identifying and addressing fears that hinder confidence is a crucial step towards growth.

  • Focusing Tools: Techniques to maintain focus on personal growth and goals during dating experiences.

why Coach Maria


I believe in the importance of continuous learning and staying updated on the latest trends and research in dating and relationships.


I regularly attend classes and read publications from these experts to ensure my clients receive the most up-to-date and effective guidance in their dating journeys.

Effective Guidance

Empowering Clients After Traumatic Experiences:

I've successfully helped clients open up to new relationships after experiencing traumatic events. Through empathetic listening and tailored guidance, I assisted them in rebuilding their confidence and trust in the dating world.


Understanding and Overcoming Attachment Styles:

Many of my clients have struggled with attachment styles that negatively impacted their relationships. By diving into attachment theory and implementing relational therapy exercises, we've worked together to break free from these patterns, nurturing healthier connections.


Reconnecting and Improving Communication Through Sexuality:

Clients facing sexuality issues and communication barriers have seen remarkable improvements in their relationships. I employ a range of techniques, including intimacy exercises and open discussions, to help couples rekindle their intimacy and strengthen their bond.

If you're looking to transform your dating life, build meaningful connections, and foster lasting relationships, I'm here to guide you on that exciting journey. Let's embark on this path together towards a happier and more fulfilling love life.

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