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Introverts in Love: Exploring the Depths of Intimacy and Connection

Putting yourself in the dating scene can be considered as a social arrangement, right? Maybe this relates to one of the reasons why introverted people may find it hard to enjoy dating as much as extroverts do. Did you know that about 30-50% of the world’s population are introverted? It would not be fair to say that those numbers are all single right now, but did you also know that about 22% of introverts say they’re really bad at attracting potential partners? Are you one of them?

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Introversion as part of one’s personality can change (you don’t have to if you don’t need or want to). Studies support that introverted individuals can learn to act more like an extrovert if they plan to do so. But note that introversion is not something bad, it’s not a sin nor an illness. Introverts just have a low threshold for small talk and are not always open to meeting and knowing new people. They have such passion for solitary experiences and are likely to enjoy one-on-one engagement in a well-suited environment.

It’s very important to note that introversion is not the same as being antisocial or shy.


How to date as Introverts

Being in the dating scene may really not feel easy to anyone and to introverts in particular. In fact, at first it may absolutely feel more like a chore (except if you like chores!) rather than something enjoyable. You’d rather be in your own element being cozy at home than going out and/or talking to strangers, wouldn’t you? But if you desire to find someone, you have to do this.

Think of it as your mode of transportation to get to your destination. Cliche! I know. The journey to finding love and being found is no magic but it could be magical. Need some convincing you’re ready to be in the dating pool?

Shake it off

Shake the pressure off of yourself. You don’t need to be perfect or be anything other than yourself. Dates or first dates are designed to have a few awkward moments, it’s not you and it’s not your date. And if it doesn’t work out? That’s normal. Try not to beat yourself up too much by thinking you are doomed to be forever alone.

Making it to an actual date is definitely a good thing for you. Maybe it would help to treat your first dates as practice or lay focus on what you can learn about yourself and the experience while at it.

Shrug rejection like a pro! Rejection is inevitable when in the quest for a relationship, whether you’re introverted or not. Set an understanding in your mind that it happens to everybody and it’s truly a part of the process.

Accept yourself and use your strengths

Who are better listeners than introverts? Ok! This is not to say that you should only date extroverts so they can do all the talking. Need we remind you that Introverted people are not bad conversationalists when what they really are– are great listeners.

Add this to the fact that introversion is only one part of who you are as a person– there’s always more to get-to know and more to love. If one of your main goals while in the dating scene is to have fun, you can definitely have a way of tailoring your dates to something you’re a little more comfortable doing.

See, it’s like getting out of your comfort zone and at the same being comfortable out of that zone. How? First, try to know your safe spaces and don’t be too shy to ask your date if they’d be open to doing just that.

Online dating can be start

Tons of ways to meet people nowadays and online is one of your options. Studies have shown that majorities of people that have tried online dating say it’s (at least somewhat) easy to find potential compatible partners while on online dating platforms.

Many introverted people seeking for a relationship would prefer to generally communicate in writing at first rather than talking. Conversation may feel more steady and easy when you have enough time to think and respond; which may result in a great connection between you and a potential partner. If after a while you’re comfortable enough to finally see each other, let them know.

86% of Introverts say that writing allows them to express things they’d otherwise find difficult to share.

With the right strategy and purpose, Introverts can actually enjoy the online dating process. One approach that may support that statement is the numbers game. Put yourself out there by really putting yourself out there. Date as many people as you can, and as you like. Or just at least, talk to as many as you like online.

Here you can have the authority to choose who is worthy enough to meet and spend time with; plus you’ll learn a lot in the process. Don’t be afraid to change or try other strategies until you find one that works for you.

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Ending Thoughts

Introversion is not a liability when it comes to finding a relationship.

Every journey starts with a single step. This journey in particular may be a little hard at first. It can be challenging but think of the outcome when you go down this path. Introverts, extraverts, or ambiverts... everyone deserves a fighting chance for the relationship they are destined to have. Reminder: There's absolutely no harm is setting up cautions and eagerly preparing yourself when you enter the dating world. Just while you're at it, enjoy.



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